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Die Zauberflöte

Other titles: 魔笛 (Japanese)
Other titles: The Magic Flute (English)
ComposerWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto AuthorEmanuel Schikaneder
Composition2 acts
CastsSarastro(bs), Tamino(ten), Elderly Priest(bs), Priest I(ten), Priest II(bs), Priest III(spoken roles), Queen of Night(coloratura soprano), Pamina(sop), Lady I(sop), Lady II(sop), Lady III(mez), Boy I(sop), Boy II(sop), Boy III(mez), Papagena(sop), Papageno(bar), Monostatos(ten), Man in Armour I(ten), Man in Armour II(bs), Slave I(spoken role), Slave II(spoken role), Slave III(spoken role)
Catalog No.K.620
Language German
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