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The Opera Research Center (ORC) at the Showa University of Music was established in 1991 with the goal of exploring measures for the promotion of opera and musical arts in Japan. As the country’s most preeminent research institution on opera performance, we have since conducted research and study activities.

The ORC has been collecting a wide variety of information through national and global networks of opera houses and organizations. The collection now consists of a large number of documents and materials of historical significance, such as program leaflets, flyers, photographs, and recordings of performances. Since 2012, the ORC has started to digitally archive the materials and compile databases to share these documents and materials.

Opera Information Center database

The Opera Information Center (OIC) website consists of three databases, which are linked organically to each other:

This database consists of materials including program leaflets, flyers, and photographs of performances collected by the ORC.
This database consists of information about opera performances in Japan (date and time, venue, casts and staff, etc.).
This database consists of information about opera works.



These databases are currently beta versions, as we are working on the code.

Accuracy of data

The databases contain original information that we have collected. In case of cast changes, we correct the data after verifying the changes. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the performances were made by the casts listed in the databases.

Access to the original materials

The original materials are now being worked upon to make them browsable; at present, they are not ready to be opened to the public.


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