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L'enfant et les sortilèges

Other titles: The Child and the Spells (English)
Other titles: 子どもと魔法 (Japanese)
ComposerMaurice Ravel
Libretto AuthorColette
Composition1 act
CastsChild(mez), Mother(con), The Louis XV Chair [La Bergère](sop), Chinese Cup(mez), Fire(sop), Princess(sop), Nightingale(sop), Female Cat(mez), Dragonfly(mez), Bat(sop), Owl(sop), Squirrel(mez), Shepherdess(sop), Shepherd(con), Armchair(bs), Grandfather Clock(bar), Teapot(Black Wedgwood) (ten), Little Old Man(Arithmetic) (tenor (‘Trial’)), Frog(tenor (‘Trial’)), Tomcat(bar), Tree(bs)
Language French
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