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Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher

Other titles: Joan of Arc at the Stake (English)
Other titles: 火刑台上のジャンヌ・ダルク (Japanese)
ComposerArthur Honegger
Libretto AuthorPaul Claudel
CastsJeanne d'Arc(speaking role), Brother Dominic(speaking role), Herald III(speaking role), Mule(speaking role), Bedford(speaking role), Jean de Luxemburg(speaking role), Heurtebise(speaking role), Pesant(speaking role), Regnault de Chartres(speaking role), Guillaume de Flavy(speaking role), Perrot(speaking role), Priest(speaking role), Another Pesant(speaking role), The Virgin(sop), Marguerite(sop), Catherine(con), Pig(ten), Voice(ten), Herald I(ten), Clerk(ten), Voice(bas), Herald II(bas), Voice(sop), Child's Voice, Master of Ceremonies, Barrel Mother(speaking role)
Language French
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