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Der Ring des Nibelungen Vorspiel

Das Rheingold

Other titles: 楽劇「ニーベルングの指環」 序夜 《ラインの黄金》 (Japanese)
Other titles: The Nibelung’s Ring, Preliminary Evening: The Rhinegold (English)
ComposerRichard Wagner
Libretto AuthorRichard Wagner
Composition1 act
CastsWotan(bs bar), Donner(bs bar), Froh(ten), Loge(ten), Fricka(mez), Freia(sop), Erda(con), Alberich(bs bar), Mime(ten), Fasolt(bs bar), Fafner(bs), Woglinde(sop), Wellgunde(sop), Flosshilde(mez)
First Performance1869/09/22
Language German
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