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12 Months and a Girl

Company The Opera Theater Konnyakuza
Organizer Agency for Cultural Affairs, Okayama Prefectural Board of Education(1/2/20/21/22/23), Wake Village Wake Elementary School(1), Nimi City Takao Elementary School(2), Hiroshima Prefecture(3/4/15/24/25), Fukuyama City Board of Education(3/4/25), Fukuyama City Teshiro Elementary School(3/4), Yamaguchi Prefectural Board of Education(5/6/7), Yamaguchi City Board of Education(5), Yamaguchi City Ato Junior High School(5), Yanai City Board of Education(6), Yanai City Oda Elementary School(6), Waki Town Board of education(7), Waki Town Waki Elementary School(7), Hiroshima City Board of Education(8/9/10), Hiroshima City Miri Elementary School(8), HIroshima City Yasuhigashi Elementary School(9/10), Shimane Prefectural Board of Education(11/12/13/16/17/18/19), Matsue City Board of Education(11/12), Matue City Kashimahigashi Elementary School(11), Matsue City Chuo Elementary School(12), Unnan City Board of Education(13), Unnan city Kamo Elementary School(13), Tottori Prefecture(14), Tottori City(14), Tottori City Miwa Elementary School(14), Shobara City Board of Education(15), Shobara City Takanao Junior School(15), Ohnan Town Board of Education(16), Ohnan Village Hinui Elementary School(16), 島根県立石見養護学校(17), Ohnan Village Yakami Elementary School(17), 島根県立浜田養護学校(18), Oda City Board of education(19), Ohta City Isotake Elementary School(19), Kurashiki City Honjyo Elementary School(20), Kurasiki City Uwanari Elementary School(21), Setouchi City Kokufu Elementary School(22), Okayama City Mitsu Elementary School(23), Sera Town Board of Education(24), Sera Village Sera Elementary School(24), Fukuyama City Ohtanidai Elementary School(25)
Language Japanese(W/o Subtitles)
Stage Dates (1) 2018-11-07  (2) 2018-11-08  (3) 2018-11-09  (4) 2018-11-09  (5) 2018-11-12  (6) 2018-11-13  (7) 2018-11-14  (8) 2018-11-15  (9) 2018-11-16  (10) 2018-11-16  (11) 2018-11-19  (12) 2018-11-20  (13) 2018-11-21  (14) 2018-11-22  (15) 2018-11-26  (16) 2018-11-27  (17) 2018-11-28  (18) 2018-11-29  (19) 2018-11-30  (20) 2018-12-03  (21) 2018-12-04  (22) 2018-12-05  (23) 2018-12-06  (24) 2018-12-17  (25) 2018-12-18  
Venue (1) Wake Village Wake Elementary School
(2) Niimi City Takao Elementary School
(3,4) Teshiro Elementary School
(5) Yamaguchi City Ato Junior High School
(6) Yanai City Oda Elementary School
(7) Waki Town Waki Elementary School
(8) Hiroshima City Miri Elementary School
(9,10) Hiroshima Ciy Yasuhigashi Elementary School
(11) Matue City Kashimahigashi Elementary School
(12) Matsue City Chuo Elementary School
(13) Unnan City Kamo Elementary School
(14) Tottori City Miwa Elementary School
(15) Shobara City Takano Junior High School
(16) Ohonan Village Hinui Elementary School
(17) 石見養護学校
(18) 島根県立浜田養護学校体育館
(19) Ohta City Isotake Elementary School
(20) Kurashiki City Honjyo Elementary School
(21) Kurashiki CIty Uwanari Elementary School
(22) Setuchi City Kokufu Elementary School
(23) Okayama City Mitsu Elementary School
(24) Sera Village Sera Elementary School
(25) Fukuyama City Otanidai Elementary School
Work(s) Performed
Composer: Hikaru Hayashi Libretto Author: Hikaru Hayashi Original Author: Samuil Marshak
Performance language: Japanese (original language)
Remarks 出典:『日本のオペラ年鑑2018』
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