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12 Months and a Girl

Company The Opera Theater Konnyakuza
Organizer Agency for Cultural Affairs, Saitama Prefectural Board of Education(1/2/4/5/6/7/16/17), Ina Town Board of Education(1/2), Ina Town Kobarikita Elementary School(1/2), Saitama City Board of Education(3), Saitama City Kawai Elementary School(3), Kasukabe City Board of Education(4), Kasukabe City Tomita Elementary School(4), Koshigaya City Board of Education(5/6), Koshigaya City Obukurokita Elementary School(5/6), Hanyu City Board of Education(7), Hanyu City Murakimi Elementary School(7), Gunma Prefecture(8/10), Gumma Prefectural Board of Education(8/9/10), Maebashi City Prefectural Board of Education(8/9/10), Maebashi City Ogo Elementary School(8), Maebashi City Momonose Elementary School(9), Maebashi City Hosoi Elementary School(10), Tochigi Prefectural Board of Education(11/12/13/14), Sano City(11), Sano City Inubushihigashi Elementary School(11), Tochigi City Board of Education(12), Tochigi City Tochigi Daiyon Elementary School(12), Shimotsuke City Board of Education(13), Shimotuke City Kokubunji Junior High School(13), Kanuma City Board of Education(14), Kanuma City Nishioashi Elementary School(14), Fukushima Prefecture(15), Katsurao Village Board of Education(15), Katsurao Village Katsurao Elementary School(15), Misato City Board of Education(16/17), Misato City Hikonari Elementary School(16/17)
Language Japanese(W/o Subtitles)
Stage Dates (1) 2009-11-04  (2) 2009-11-04  (3) 2009-11-10  (4) 2009-11-11  (5) 2009-11-13  (6) 2009-11-13  (7) 2009-11-16  (8) 2009-11-17  (9) 2009-11-18  (10) 2009-11-19  (11) 2009-11-20  (12) 2009-11-24  (13) 2009-11-25  (14) 2009-11-26  (15) 2009-11-27  (16) 2010-03-03  (17) 2010-03-03  
Venue (1,2) Ina Town Kobari Kita Elementary School
(3) Saitama City Kawai Elementary School
(4) Kasukabe City Tomita Elementary School
(5,6) Koshigaya City Oobukurokita Elementary School
(7) Hanyu City Murakimi Elementary School
(8) Maebashi City Ogo Elementary School
(9) Maebashi City Momonose Elementary School
(10) Maebashi City Hosoi Elementary School
(11) Sano City Inubushi Higashi Elementary School
(12) Tochigi City Tochigi Daiyon Elementary School
(13) Shimono City Kokubunji Junior High School
(14) Kanuma City Nishi Oashi Elementary School
(15) Katsurao Village Katsurao Elementary School
(16,17) Misato City Hikorari Elementary School
Work(s) Performed
Composer: Hikaru Hayashi Libretto Author: Hikaru Hayashi Original Author: Samuil Marshak
Performance language: Japanese (original language)
Remarks 出典:『日本のオペラ年鑑2009-2010』
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