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The Fairy-Queen

Other titles: 妖精の女王 (Japanese)
ComposerHenry Purcell
Original AuthorWilliam Shakespeare
Libretto Authoranonymous
Composition5 acts
CastsDrunken Poet(bar), First Fairy(sop), Second Fairy(sop), Night(sop), Mystery(sop), Secrecy(ct), Sleep(bs), Coridon(bs), Mopsa(sop/ ct), Nymph(sop), Phoebus(ten), Spring, Summer(ct), Autumn(ten), Winter(bar), Juno(sop), Chinese Man(ct), Chinese Woman(Daphne) (sop), Hymen(bar), The Duke(Theseus) (spoken role), Egeus(spoken role), Helena(spoken role), Demetrius(spoken role), Hermia(spoken role), Lysander(spoken role), Nick Bottom(spoken role), Peter Quince(spoken role), Tom Snout(spoken role), Francis Flute(spoken role), Robin Starveling(spoken role), Snug(spoken role), Oberon(spoken role), Titania(spoken role), Indian Boy(spoken role), Robin Goodfellow(Puck) (spoken role)
First Performance1692/05/02
Language English
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