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The Amorous Indie

Original title: Les Indes galantes (French)
Other titles: 優雅なインドの国々 (Japanese)
ComposerJean-Philippe Rameau
Libretto AuthorLouis Fuzelier
Composition4 acts with a prologue
CastsHébé [Hebe](sop), L’Amour [Cupid](sop), Emilie(sop), Osman(bs), Valère(hc), Huascar(bs), Phani(sop), Don Carlos(hc), Tacmas(hc), Ali(bs), Zaïre(sop), Fatima(sop), Atalide(sop), Don Alvar(bs), Damon(hc), Zima(sop), Adario(ten)
Language French
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