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The Woman Without a Shadow

Original title: Die Frau ohne Schatten (German)
Other titles: 影のない女 (Japanese)
ComposerRichard Strauss
Libretto AuthorHugo von Hofmannsthal
Composition3 acts
CastsThe Emperor(ten), The Empress(high dramatic soprano), The Nurse(dramatic mezzo-soprano), Barak(bs bar), Barak’s Wife(high dramatic soprano), The One-Eyed(high bass), The One-Armed(bs), The Hunchback(high tenor), A Spirit Messenger(high baritone), The Voice of the Falcon(sop), The Apparition of Youth(high tenor), The Guardian of the Threshold(sop/ct), A Voice from Above(con), Voices of Unborn Children(3 sop, 3 con), Voices of Three Nightwatchmen(bar)
Language German
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