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Dialogues of the Carmelites

Original title: Dialogues des Carmélites (French)
Other titles: カルメル会修道女の対話 (Japanese)
ComposerFrancis Poulenc
Original AuthorGeorges Bernanos
Libretto AuthorFrancis Poulenc
Composition3 acts
CastsThe Marquis de la Force(bar), Blanche de la Force(sop), The Chevalier de la Force(ten), Madame de Croissy(con), Madame Lidoine(sop), Mother Marie(mez), Sister Constance of St Denis(sop), Mother Jeanne of the Child Jesus(con), Sister Mathilde(sop/mez/con), Mother Gerald(sop/mez/con), Sister Claire(sop/mez/con), Sister Antoine(Portress) (sop/mez/con), Sister Catherine(sop/mez/con), Sister Felicity(sop/mez/con), Sister Gertrude(sop/mez/con), Sister Alice(sop/mez/con), Sister Valentine(sop/mez/con), Sister Anne of the Cross(sop/mez/con), Sister Martha(sop/mez/con), Sister St Charles(sop/mez/con), Father Confessor of the Convent(high baritone), Officer 1(ten), Officer 2(bar), Gaoler(bar), Thierry(bar), M. Javelinot(bar)
Language French
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