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Der Ring des Nibelungen Dritter Tag


Other titles: 楽劇「ニーベルングの指環」 第3日 《神々の黄昏》 (Japanese)
Other titles: The Ring of the Nibelung, Third Day: Twilight of the Gods (English)
ComposerRichard Wagner
Libretto AuthorRichard Wagner
Composition3 acts with Prologue
CastsSiegfried(ten), Gunther(bs bar), Alberich(bs bar), Hagen(bs), Brünnhilde(sop), Gutrune(sop), Waltraute(mez), First Norn(con), Second Norn(mez), Third Norn(sop), Woglinde(sop), Wellgunde(sop), Flosshilde(mez)
First Performance1876/08/17
Language German
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