Performance Info

The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre 2nd stage performance 3

L'Oca del Cairo / Arlecchino

Company The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre
Organizer The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre, Yomiuri Shimbun
Language Italian, Japanese(W/o Subtitles)
Stage Dates (1) 1971-02-23 18:30 (2) 1971-02-24 18:30 (3) 1971-02-25 18:30 
Venue The Dai-Ichi Seimei Hall
Work(s) Performed
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto Author: Giovanni Battista Varesco
Arrangement: Virgilio Mortari
Performance language: Italian (original language)
Composer: Ferruccio Busoni Libretto Author: Ferruccio Busoni
Translation: Hidenao Arai
Performance language: Japanese
Remarks 運営委員:畑中良輔、栗山昌良、若杉弘、三谷礼二、杉田村雄
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