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Deutsche Oper Berlin in Japan 1993

Tristan und Isolde

Asahi Beer Big Special Super Opera
The Special Performance for 180th Anniversary of Wagner's Birth
Company Der Deutsche Oper Berlin
Organizer Opera Festival Committee, Japan Performing Arts Foundation, Asahi Shimbun
Language German(With subtitles)
Stage Dates (1) 1993-09-24 17:00 (2) 1993-09-29 17:00 (3) 1993-10-03 14:00 (4) 1993-10-06 17:00 (5) 1993-10-09 14:00 
Venue NHK Hall
Work(s) Performed
Composer: Richard Wagner Libretto Author: Richard Wagner
Supertitles: Norikazu Sugi
With Subtitles.
Performance language: German (original language)
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