Performance Info

Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theatre Nikikai Founding 45 Anniversary/Foundation 20th Anniversary


Artistic Creativity Special Business supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Japan-Korea Joint Opera
Company Niki - Kai
Organizer Nikikai Opera Foundation
Language Italian(With subtitles)
Stage Dates (1) 1997-07-19 18:30 (2) 1997-07-21 13:30 (3) 1997-07-22 18:30 
Venue Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Work(s) Performed
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi Libretto Author: Francesco Maria Piave Original Author: Victor Hugo
Supertitles: Shigetaka Matsumoto
With Subtitles.
Performance language: Italian (original language)
Ticket S: 13,000 yen / A: 10,000 yen / B: 8,000 yen / C: 5,000 yen / D: 3,000 yen
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