Center's Catalogue

2002 Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto

Type Booklet
Item ID A30301_001
Published bySaito Kinen Festival Matsumoto Exective Committee
Publication Date2002/08/24
  • Greetings
      Tadashi Aruga. p. 6.
  • Profile Hideo Saito: the course of a musician
      Haruo Teranishi. pp. 34–41.
  • Synopsis of scenes
      Marc Mandel. pp. 66–67.
  • Directore' s note The Town vs Peter Grimes
      David Kneuss. pp. 86–89.
  • Program note: The Genesis of Peter Grimes: Piery Visions
      Philip Reed. pp. 90–97.
Remarks 欧文によるスタッフ・キャスト表、あらすじあり
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