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Nihon Opera Kyokai Performance, Japan Opera Series No. 65: Dusk is the time, one will meet with misfortune / A Story of Three Women

Type Booklet
Item ID A20401_001
Published byThe Japan Opera Foundation
Published atTokyo,
Publication Date2005
Price 1000円
  • ごあいさつ
      Hiroshi Oga. p. 6.
  • 作品解説 オペラ「たそがれは逢魔の時間」(遺稿)
      Shigeo Kimura. pp. 16–18.
  • 作品解説 オペラ「三人の女達の物語」(遺稿)
      Yoshio Sagawa. pp. 18–21.
  • 思いだすまま
      Sadao Bekku. pp. 22–23.
  • たそがれの思い出
      Hiroshi Aoshima. pp. 24–25.
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