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: '(財)アリオン音楽財団',
  ID Date Title Company Organizer
1 PROD-01737 2007/7/13-16
The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre 39th stage 116th regular performance
Company: The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre Organizer: The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre
2 PROD-09220 2004/3/6
Donguri to yamaneko
Company: The Opera Theater Konnyakuza Organizer: THE PHOENIX HALL, Arion-Edo Foundation
3 PROD-10048 2005/6/24-26
Sonntag aus Licht
Company: Organizer: Arion-Edo Foundation, Asahi Shimbun
4 PROD-12910 1997/7/12-14
Ludus Danielis
Company: Organizer: Arion-Edo Foundation
5 PROD-13239 1996/7/5-6
12th Tokyo Summer Festival The Harmony of the Spheres: The Woman Ascending
Von heute auf morgen
Company: La Péniche Opéra Organizer: Arion-Edo Foundation
6 PROD-15646 1988/7/13
4th Tokyo Summer Festival '88 Paris-Paris Long-Lost Opera Ballet
Company: Organizer: Tokyo Metropolitan Culture Foundation, Asahi Shimbun, Arion-Edo Foundation
7 PROD-15647 1992/7/14-15
8th Tokyo Summer Festival '92 ITALY-well-spring of voice and sound- Opera
Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria
Company: Organizer: Arion-Edo Foundation
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