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: '瀬戸内市教育委員会',
  ID Date Title Company Organizer
1 PROD-14997 2017/12/15
The Silver Donkey
Company: The Opera Theater Konnyakuza Organizer: NPO法人みんなの劇場・おかやま
2 PROD-07630 2014/9/29-11/28
Amanjaku to Uriko-hime
Company: Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tottori Prefecture, Kotoura Town Board of Education, Kotoura Town Urayasu Elementary School, Hiezuson 〔Village〕Board of Education, Hiezu Village Hiezu Elementary School, Shimane Prefectural Board of Education, Unnan City Board of Education, Unnan City Nabeyama Elementary School, Hamada City Board of Education, Hamada City Arifuku Elementary School, 島根県立益田養護学校, Yamaguchi Prefectural Board of Education, Shimonoseki City Board of Education, Shimonoseki City Yasuoka Elementary School, Hikari City Board of Education, Hikari City Asae Elementary School, Hiroshima City Board of Education, Hiroshima City Rakurakuen Elementary School, Hiroshima Prefecture, Kaita Town Board of Education, Kita Town Kaita-minami Elementary school, HIroshima City Kamezaki Junior High School, Hiroshima City Kuchiminami Elementary School, Hiroshima City Senda Elementary School, Hiroshima City Tomominami Elementary School, Sera Town Board of Education, Sera Town Sera Higashi Elementary School, Okayama City Board of Education, Okayama City Jonan Junior High School, Okayama Prefectural Board of Education, Kasaoka Ciity Board of Education, Kasaoka City Konouchi Elementary School, Setouchi City Board of Education, Setouchi City Mokake Elementary School
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