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: '水野修孝',
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1 A20201_015 Booklet 日本オペラ協会 日本オペラシリーズNo.27 《天守物語》 Published by: Japan Opera Foundation Publication: 1983/05/25
2 A20201_023 Booklet 20th anniversary Performance of founding of Nihon Opera Kyokai, Original Opera Series No. 18: Tenshu Monogatari(The Tale of Himeji Castle) Published by: Nihon Opera Kyokai Publication: 1979/03/08
3 A20301_025 Booklet Nihon Opera Kyokai 45th Anniversary performance, Japan Opera Series No. 62: Beauty and Beast Published by: Japan Opera Foundation Publication: 2003
4 I10101_001 Booklet New National Theatre, Tokyo 1998/99 Season: The Tale of Himeji Castle Published by: New National Theatre Foundation Publication: 1999/02/13
5 A20201_040 Booklet Nihon Opera Kyokai Performance, Japan Opera Series No. 40: La Belle et la Bête Published by: The Japan Opera Foundation Publication: 1989/10/04
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