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: '新潟県立直江津中等教育学校',
  ID Date Title Company Organizer
1 PROD-05206 2008/9/9-2009/1/27
Company: Arts Company Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Niigata City Board of Education, Niigata City Shironedaiichi Junior High School, Niigata Prefectural Board of Education, Uonuma City Board of Education, Uonuma City Irihirose Elementary School, Nagaoka City Board of Education, Nagaoka City Senju Elementary School, Naoetsu Secondary School, Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Momoyama Junior High School Attached to Kyoto University of Education, Yosano Town Board of Education, Yosano Town Kaya Elementary School, Maizuru City Board of Education, Mizuru City Okada Junior High School, Kyotango City Board of Education, Kyotango City Yasaka Junior High School, Toyama Prefectural Board of Education, Toyama City Board of Education, Toyama City Ninakawa Elementary School, Takaoka City Board of Education, Takaoka City Seibi Elementary School, Nanto City Inami Elementary School, Sabae City Katakami Elementary School, Kyoto City Goshominami Elementary School, Kyoto City Minamiouchi Elementary School, The Elementary School Attached to Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto City Kyogoku Elementary School, kameoka City Ikushin Junior High School
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