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: '喜多方市教育委員会',
  ID Date Title Company Organizer
1 PROD-09108 2004/7/1
12 Months and a Girl
Company: The Opera Theater Konnyakuza Organizer: The Culture Promotion Organization of Fukushima Prefecture, Kitakata City Board of Education
2 PROD-02463 2012/11/6-2013/2/7
Die Zauberflöte
Company: Nikikai Chorus Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Fukushima Prefecture, Kitakata City Board of Education, Kitakata City Atsushio Elementary School, Date City Board of Education, Date City Ote Elementary School, Date City Date Elementary School, Fukushima City Board of Education, Fukushima City Fukushima Diyon Elementary School, Tochigi Prefectural Board of Education, Sano City Board of Education, Sano City Tochimoto Elementary School, Gunma Prefecture, Gumma Prefectural Board of Education, Ota City Board of Education, Ota City Minami Elementary School, Saitama Prefectural Board of Education, Kumagaya City Konankita Elementary School, Koshigaya City Kawayanagi Elementary School, Saitama City, Saitama City Board of Education, Saitama City Mihashi Elementary School, Kasukabe City Board of Education, Kasukabe City Takesatominami Elementary School, Kumagaya City Tamai Elementary School, Maebashi City Prefectural Board of Education, Maebashi City Amagawa Elementary School, Maebashi City Tenjin Elementary School
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