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: 'あきる野市立前田小学校',
  ID Date Title Company Organizer
1 PROD-11014 2002/10/15
Town Musicians of Bremen
Company: Arts Company Organizer: Akiruno City Maeda Elementary School
2 PROD-05646 2008/9/29-2009/2/25
Company: The Fujiwara Opera Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Arakawa City Ogu Dairoku Elementary School, Hachioji City Motohachioji Junior High School, Hokuto City Akeno Junior High School, Nanbu Town Manzawa Junior High School, Minobu Town Nakatomi Junior High School, Kashiwa City Takata Elementary School, Funabashi City Yakuendai Elementary School, Ichikawa City Kashiwai Elementary School, Nagareyama City Hokubu Junior High School, Tsuchiura City Toride Elementary School, Musashino City Senkawa Elementary School, Akiruno City Maeda Elementary School, Ota City Sanno Elementary School, Katsushika City Nishikosuge Elementary School, Asahi City Chuo Elementary School
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